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SEAPLANE Follow-up event and EUROPLANE information meeting in Bergamo, Italy, 2–4 November 2005

The preparatory meeting in Bergamo. A starting point of EUROPLANE coordination activties took place even before the project was finally approved. A preparatory meeting to discuss many issues of content and structure of the anticipated project was held at Bergamo, Italy, on 3 November 2005.

Lessons from Seaplane.The meeting also included some of the INTERREG III C SEAPLANE project partners to widen the range of trans-national co-operation among airport regions but also to learn from SEAPLANE project activities, results and experiences.

Associated partners from the ranks of the SEAPLANE project. Some SEAPLANE Partners (e.g. Kristianstad Airport) expressed their interest in becoming "associated" partners in the EUROPLANE project to join the EUROPLANE network and its activities. The precise form of cooperation / associated partnership will have to be defined as soon as the EUROPLANE project is accepted.

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