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Meeting and Workshop "Web Content Management for regional airports", Airport Eberswalde-Finow, 14 February 2008

The meeting and Workshop "Web Content Management for regional airports" introduced EUROPLANE partners and other interested regions, airports or individuals to a new web Content Management System (CMS) developed as part of the EUROPLANE project extension. The system is tailored for the demands of regional airports. The meeting and workshop took place on 14 February 2008 at the Airport Finow-Eberswalde near Berlin (see agenda below).


As part of the EUROPLANE project extension, EUROPLANE partners have decided to develop an open-source CMS tailored for the needs of regional airports. By enabling the creation and maintenance of web site content via any Internet browser, the CMS helps regional airports' in their information management and marketing, providing a professional looking, customisable and easily maintainable interface towards the community and and market actors in their respective region.

The CMS is called "hugo Small Airports Special Edition". Its development was supported by BMT Transport Solutions GmbH, drawing on significant input from EUROPLANE partners. The technical implementation was supported by IT specialist beans-n-bites who generously decided to make available to the project an open-source, free-of-charge version of their proprietary CMS, hugo.

The section work components contains a more detailed description of the Small airports Content Management System (CMS), including a download link for the "hugo Small Airports Special Edition" together with installation instructions.

Start screen of the new Eberswalde-Finow web site based on the Small Airports Content Management System
New web site of Airport Eberswalde Finow (EDAV), based on 'hugo Small Airports Special Edition'.

The meeting and workshop at a glance

After a welcome by the County Deputy of Barnim County and an introduction by Mr. Reinhard Wolk, General Manager of the airport, Detlev Fischer of BMT Transport Solutions GmbH, who has managed this project, presented the system and its first implementation. This led to a 'hands-on' workshop where EUROPLANE partners and other participants 'played with' the system to see how simple web content management can be. They may also asked many questions regarding implementation, customisation, language support, and technical support.

So far, a total of about nine airports have expressed interest in evaluating and possibly implementing the system.

A few words about the "hugo Small Airports Special Edition" for regional airports

The "hugo Small Airports Special Edition" enables regional airports to build up and edit the content of their web site without any prior knowledge of IT technologies or programming. A web-based interface allows access to all pages, so that the site's content can be maintained by regular staff members.

The default site structure includes news, flight and landside services, information on the region, and airman's info, a section which provides technical information on the respective airport as well as flight safety (NOTAM) and weather (METAR) requests.

In its basic form, there are no external experts or additional costs required. Customisation however is possible; BMT Transport Solutions GmbH are ready to support airports that want to tailor the system to their specific requirements.

Eberswalde-Finow airport and its surrounding region of North Brandenburg consitutes a focus of interest for EUROPLANE partners Brandenburg and Barnim within this project. Eberswalde-Finow airport was chosen as a sample airport for the first implementation of the CMS. Their new web site,, has been build up by the airport's regular staff without external expertise. This sample implementation serves to demonstrate the advantages of using a CMS, and constitutes a starting point for EUROPLANE airports, helping them define their own specific needs regarding the adoption and customisation of the system.

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