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Barnim County – Landkreis Barnim (DE)

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Web site:
Organisation: Landkreis Barnim
Street: R.-Breitscheid-Str. 36
City: D-16225 Eberswalde
Country: Germany
Contact: Mr. Wilhelm Benfer
Email: wilhelm.benfer [ at ]
Telephone: +49 33 34 21 48 48
Fax: +49 33 34 21 48 20

Barnim County

Nature reserve Uckermärkische Seen
Nature reserve Uckermärkische Seen
Industry: Netzwerk Metall trains industrial mechanics at DB Eberswalde
Industry: Netzwerk Metall trains industrial mechanics at DB Eberswalde
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The health sector: Dentisty Laboratory Jonas
The health sector: Dentisty Laboratory Jonas

Barnim County is one of 14 counties in the State of Brandenburg. Positioned between Berlin to the south, Poland to the east and the Baltic Sea to the north, it fulfills an important role as transit corridor to middle and east European countries as well as as a link and access point to Germany's capital (and biggest) city. Barnim's population has been steadily growing since 1994 and has recently surpassed the 175.000 mark.

Transportation in Barnim County. Transportation infrastructure thus plays an important role in the county's development. Mayor roads, railway lines and waterways cross the county and have only recently been upgraded. Finow airport adds another vital component to the region's transportation infrastructure. Having been used as a military air base by the Russian air force up to 1994, several attempts have since been made to develop it into a fully functional regional airport serving air transportation needs within Germany and beyond.

The role of Finow airport. This importance has been recognized by Brandenburg's state government by designating it as one of only three regional airports in Brandenburg that are to be operated in addition to the future Berlin Brandenburg International airport at the southern periphery of Berlin. Finow airport also plays an important role in Barnim County's economic development strategy. The airport and its future development has for several years been one of ten key development projects on which the County government concentrates its economic development activities.

Finow airport is seen in the county as a interesting potential commercial location itself offering large plots of land inside its perimeter for business investors that seek the proximity to air services. Apart from that, the availability of a regional airport promises to promote the locational advantages of the region as a whole. Furthermore, the airport will be instrumental in developing the regional tourism sector which is one of the branches with an exciting growth potential in Barnim County.

Participating airport:

Tower Finow GmbH (Flughafen Finow Eberswalde)

Organisation: Tower Finow GmbH
Street: Am Flugplatz 1
City: D-16227 Eberswalde
Web site:
Contact: Mr Reinhard Wolk
Email: info [ a t ]
Telephone: +49-3334-34418
Fax: +49-3334-34418

The Airport Finow Eberswalde lies 40 km north east of Berlin, at the motorway A11 Berlin–Szczecin. It is operated by Tower Finow GmbH.

The runway measures 2520 x 50 m (TORA/LDA) and is certified for 14 tons MTOM, heavier PPR. Its facilities include Avgas and Jet A1, hangars, deicing, engine and cabin heating, EPU, fire/rescue Cat. 3 O/R / Cat. 5 PPR.

The airport has immigration and customs services on request, and offers selfbriefing, flight preparation, flight plans, business centre, and catering. Available are also pilots accommodation, hotel, rental car, bikes, shuttle, and an aeronautical museum.

Last update: 19 June 2007

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