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Marche Region – Regione Marche (IT)

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Web site:
Organisation: Giunta Regione Marche – Transport Department
Street: Via Tiziano, 44
City: 60125 Ancona
Country: Italy
Contact: Mr Paolo Pasquini (Head of Transport Department)
Email: paolo.pasquini [ a t ]
Telephone: +39 071 8063443
Fax: +39 071 8063013

Regione Marche

Rocky coastline at Conero
Rocky coastline at Conero
(© Marche Voyager)
Palazzo Ducale at Urbino
Palazzo Ducale at Urbino
(© Marche Voyager)
The town of Ascoli Piceno
The town of Ascoli Piceno
(© Marche Voyager)

The Marche is a region of central Italy remarkable for the landscape and for the culture. A small area, a strip of land on the Adriatic Sea visible from the top of every mountain and hill.

The overall population of the Marche is around 1.4 million people, most of whom live in the region's smaller towns. Only 14% of local authority districts have a population of over 20,000 people.

Located in central Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic, the region enjoys a very varied landscape going from mountains through hills to beautiful beaches. In the hinterland there are fine, ancient medieval boroughs, whereas the centers along the coast are mostly modern, and suited to summer tourism, thanks to the low waters and fine sandy beaches, apart from one high, rocky cliff at Monte Conero, with, just below, the city of Ancona, the only natural port of the region.

The Marche is a region of central Italy, between the Adriatic to the east and Emilia-Romagna and the Repubblica di San Marino to the north, Tuscany to the northwest, Umbria to the west, Lazio to the southwest and Abruzzo to the south. This is the land of great artists and musicians, land of popes and condottieri.

A little-known region, Le Marche is remarkable for the landscape and for the culture. A small area, a strip of land on the Adriatic Sea visible from the top of every mountain and hill. Le Marche is essentially a rural region, however, the beaches attract many tourists in the summer and fishing is a very important activity in this region.

Land of culture, le Marche has given birth to famous artists, those such as Leopardi, Bramante, Rossini and Raffaello, to name only a few. At this time there are 69 operating theatres, built between the 18th and 20th centuries. An almost unique treasure in Europe, already in part recovered.

Then there is the nature of Marche: two national parks, four regional parks, two state reserves, and 150 floristic areas. In addition to the spectacular summer beaches, Marche also offers winter ski stations on the Monti Sibillini. Little towns on the hills, longs sandy beaches, the Monti Sibillini capped with snow make this region a place where one can still have a good quality of life. The regional cuisine is famous for its fish soups, truffles, mountain cheeses and olives.

The central Italian region of the Marche covers almost 10,000 square kilometres and has some 180 kms of Adriatic coastline. The region is bordered by Emilia Romagna to the north, Umbria and Tuscany to the west and Abruzzo to the south. Apart from the coastal strip it is a hilly region with 31% being mountainous and 69% described as hilly.

It is governed by the Marche Regional Government, which was set up in 1970 with administrative, legislative and executive powers over the region. The region is divided into four provinces - Pesaro and Urbino, Ancona, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno - each of which has a provincial council. The region has 246 comuni or local authority districts with responsibility over 1000 or so small towns and villages.

The major part of Marche industry is based on small or medium sized family companies working in the footwear, textiles, mechanics and furniture sectors. The average Marche business is made up of 5.5 people. Of the 626,000 working population, 43,000 work in agriculture, 236,000 in industry and 284,000 in other activities.

The region has good transport links along the coastal motorway and state railway from Milan to the South and from Ancona to Rome. Ancona-Falconara airport provides connections to major European capitals and Italian cities while Ancona seaport offers ferry and cargo links to many central Mediterranean ports.

Ancona Falconara Airport

Web site:
City: Ancona
Email: cerasa [ a t ]
Telephone: +0039-071-2827294
Ancona Falconara Airport
Ancona Falconara Airport
(© Aerdorica S.p.A.)

Ancona Falconara Airport offers a range of domestic flight connections, e.g. to Milan, Rome and Palermo, and international services to Paris (Charles de Gaulle), London (Stansted) and Munich.

Aerdorica S.p.A. is the joint-stock company responsible for all aspects of Ancona Falconara Airport operations. It has been founded by regional Public Bodies and leading industrial Companies of the area with the aim and the mission of playing a primary part in planning the activities and development of the Airport business.

Technical data

Airport Buildings

  1. passengers terminal
    • departures terminal 6.300 (1 underground store + 2 over)
    • arrivals terminal 6.300 (1 underground store + 2 over)
  2. cargo teminal
    • storage area sq. mt. 1.800
    • offices sq. mt. 820 (2 stores)
  3. runway vehicle shelter
  4. fire brigade station
  5. fuel deposit
  6. hangar aircraft shelter
  7. aero club
  8. central building former passenger terminal sq. mt. 3.900 (2 stores)

Passenger Services

Cargo Services

Aircraft Parking Areas

Runway Technical Specifications

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