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Wielkopolska Voivodship – Województwo Wielkopolskie (PL)

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Web site:
Organisation: Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Voivodship
Street: al. Niepodległości 18
City: 61-713 Poznań
Country: Poland
Contact 1: Ms Joanna Waligóra
Email: jwaligora [ a t ]
Telephone: +48 61 643 10 25
Fax: +48 61 85 41 785

Wielkopolska Voivodship

Smielow Palace
Smielow Palace (© Wielkopolska Region)
Artificial ski slope near Malta Lake in Poznan
Artificial ski slope near Malta Lake in Poznan (© Wielkopolska Region)
Estate in Głębice (© Wielkopolska Region)

A region as big as some countries. The Wielkopolska Region is one of the largest regions in Poland. In the terms of area (29,825 sq. km) it is the second largest in the country, and the third most densely populated (3,355 thousand). Its area is comparable to an average sized European state (for example, Belgium), or a European region (for example, Brandenburg in Germany). Its population is bigger than that of Latvia and is not much smaller than the population of Ireland or Lithuania.

Cities in Wielkopolska. Almost 58% of the Province's inhabitants live in cities and towns. Poznan, including its suburbs has a population of almost 600.000. The second largest urban area of Kalisz and Ostrów is located in the southern part of the region and has a population of nearly 200 thousand. Other major cities of the region include the following:

Positioned at European crossroads. The Wielkopolska Region is conveniently situated at the junction of major European communication routes. It is at the crossroads of a major route from Berlin through Poznan', to Konin and Warsaw and on to Moscow, and from Prague through Leszno and Poznan' to the Baltic Sea. Poznan' ?awica airport operates both domestic and international flights. There are regular connections to London, Brussels in Belgium, Vienna in Austria, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt/Main in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Economy and investment. Diversified industry, efficient agriculture, well-developed services and a constantly extended infrastructure provide good conditions for growth in Wielkopolska. The region is considered by experts to be one of 3 regions with the highest investment attractiveness in the country. This was determined by the following factors:

Foreign companies. Currently there are approximately 4107 companies with foreign capital in the Province. They have invested approximately 4 billion USD, with the biggest investment in food processing, also in the chemical industry, manufacture of electrical equipment, vehicles, plant and machines, and in the paper processing and printing industry. Thanks to foreign investors many companies have been modernised and their technologies up-dated. Many products have reached international quality standards. According to the evaluation of German experts Poznan' is the most attractive city for businessmen and women in Eastern and Central Europe (the capital city of Wielkopolska was classified as 5th among 150 cities of this area).

The biggest capital investments in Wielkopolska come from Germany, Great Britain, United States, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Holland and Switzerland.

Participating airports:

Poznań Ławica Airport Ltd.

Web site:
Street: ul. Bukowska 285
City: 60-189 Poznań
Telephone: +48 61 8541 5901
Contact: Ms Elwira Rostowska
Email: erostowska [ a t ]
Telephone: +48 61 849 2102
Fax: +48 61 847 4909
Interior of Poznań Ławica Airport
Interior of Poznań Ławica Airport
(© Poznań Ławica Airport)

Poznań Ławica Airport is one of the oldest local airports in Poland. It has been in regular operation since 1913 first as German military facility.

Traffic growth. Today the Poznań Ławica Airport is a dynamically expanding business. There are several factors its attractiveness: favorable geographical position and high developed economy of the Wielkopolska region. The Poznan' International Fairs and many joint ventures contribute to increase in air traffic.

Connections. Poznań Ławica Airport has many domestic and international connections, e.g., to Warszawa, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Frankfurt /Main, Copenhagen, Zurich, London (Luton and Stansted) and Dublin.

The airport's location. The location of Poznań Ławica Airport is very favorable. It is situated 7 km from the city center, near the main road coming to the most important points of the city: the center, the International Poznan' Fair or the Main station, and close to the roads coming to Berlin and Warsaw.

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