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1) Management & co-ordination

Main activities. The management & co-ordination component includes the following activities:

The external co-ordinator acts on behalf of the lead partner Brandenburg and all EUROPLANE partners. Activites are supported and supervised by a steering group (SG) and by the individual component working groups (CWG).

General Assemblies. Four General Assemblies (GA) are to take place, to be completed by the Final Conference at the project's end. At each GA, the project activities per component shall be discussed and further steps decided. The GA shall be also used for meeting of the SG and the CWG.

The EUROPLANE resolution. Based on the EUROPLANE project findings on possible constraints for airport and regional development a resolution shall be developed among the partners. This resolution shall be directed to single regional, national ministries and to European institutions or bodies (e.g.: DG TREN or DG REGIO, Brussels) in case findings require public and institutional attention. Relevant public consultation activities of DG TREN on air transport or regional development shall be addressed.

Promotion and dissemination. In support of the project aims, the EUROPLANE website, a project leaflet and a brochure summarising the results will disseminate the project's findings to regions, airports, policy makers on different levels, as well as provide information for the media and press and the general public.

Expertise. The external expert Uniconsult will support the lead partner in overall management and co-ordination tasks. The project promotion and dissemination tasks are supported by BMT Transport Solutions.

Last update: 24 May 2007

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